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Registered office

Registered office address and mail forwarding

It is a legal requirement for every limited company or a limited liability partnership in the UK to have a registered office address. The registered address will be for all official correspondence, such as communication from HMRC or Companies House. It is also the address that will be registered at Companies House.

You should also note that the registered address must be an actual address in the UK, and it must be in the same country where your company was registered. This means that if your company was registered in Scotland, then the registered physical address must also be in Scotland. The registered address will have to appear in any or all of the following;

  • On all invoices
  • On all business email letters and any other form of correspondence
  • On the company’s website
  • On all stationary
  • On the brochures and other marketing materials
  • On all order forms

Mail forwarding services

At The Accountants London, we offer mail forwarding services to our clients. Often, we are asked by our clients if it is possible to use a home address as an address for a limited company – yes, you can. Although it is acceptable, there are several reasons why it is not a very good idea to use your home address as an address for a limited company. These reasons include;

Creditors: When you start up a business, one of the things you pray for is not running into debt. The last thing you would want in running your business is to run into financial difficulty and have creditors showing up at your home because your home address has been listed as your company address.

Privacy: Ideally, the company’s address is made public for potential investors and clients to see. It would not be ideal or safe to have your private home address displayed publicly for everyone to see because it serves as your company address. For security reasons, you should keep your personal life and business life separate.

Avoiding cold callers and spam mail: When your home address is publicly listed as your company or business address, you expose yourself to the possibility of being bombarded by people trying to send you spam mail or people trying to cold call you to sell products and services. It can pose a security risk for you and others living in the same house as you.

Your home is in a remote area: If your private home address that has been listed as your business address is in a remote area or a local area, it may be a problem to do business outside that area. You stand a better chance of doing well in your business if the address is in a well-known area. It will help you get more clients as well as give credibility to your business.

If your home is rented: Living in a rented apartment means that you may not be allowed to use that address as your business address. This is solely because you may decide to change your residence at any moment, which can affect your business.

Advantages of our registered office address

The benefits that come with our registered address include the following;

  • Compliance with GPDR
  • Dealing with correspondence from Companies House or HMRC
  • A recognisable address
  • Same-day scanning and forwarding of emails to you
  • Protection of home address
  • You will not have to deal with spam email or junk posts

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