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Management Accounts Services

Management Accounts Services UK - Definition and Why They are Necessary

When we talk about management account, it describes standard or customised financial details put together every month or after three months to monitor how well or poorly a business is doing. Unlike statutory accounts produced when the financial year comes to an end and aimed at a single business's requirement, management accounts are not a compulsory requirement enforced by the government or HMRC.

Business owners and managers get to know how the finances of a business are doing with management account as it works as a report on financial details. This is achieved by measuring key performance indicators (KPI). Again, this type of account is used for making strategic decisions everyday.

To plan finances, management accounts are vital. It also helps budding companies. This account also comes in handy if there is a need to get a bank loan. An assessment of your management accounts will validate your financial standing and determine whether or not you will get the loan.

Small businesses also need management accounts as they help to monitor the company and identify key indicators that are working well. When measuring if the business is achieving goals set for specific timelines, management accounts are useful.

What are the important details a management reporting can provide?

A management reporting can detail the following useful markers:

  • The performance of staff and management
  • Cash flow and billing
  • Spotting the customers or revenue streams that are generating the most money
  • Recognising the real MVPs in the company and areas where performance is weak

Summarily, a management account is a highly relevant tool that can be utilised to see that a small business attains its peak performance.

What information should be contained in a management reporting pack?

Those responsible for making major decisions for the company or the management need some vital information to make the best decisions for the organisation. So, during the preparation of a management reporting pack, you should make available all the essential information that will help them do this seamlessly. There are large organisations, and their management accounts report may be huge, which is usually expected of them. However, the basic information many reports on management accounts carry include:

  • A profit and loss account: This will tell how the business has been performing for a particular time duration. The usual details contained in this information are income and expenses. But the kind of profit and loss account to be prepared comes down to the type of business in question – reporting packs are not the same.
  • A balance sheet: A balance sheet describes the business's financial position at a given time. The usual practice is to compare this information with notes showing business ratios, liquidity ratios, plus other relevant information that will assist in planning cash flow.
  • Key performance indicators (KPI): We at The Accountants London will partner with your company's management team to highlight crucial key performance indicators. First, however, it comes down to the business type. After that, whatever we find will be compared within the organisation and reviewed from time to time to keep an eye on the business performance.
  • Aged creditors and debtors report: Here, a report of everyone owing the business money, including the owed amount and duration for which the owed amount lasted, is summarised. This information provides help with the amount coming into the company and bad debts. Regarding aged creditors, this refers to a compiled list of everyone that the business owes money to. Proper management of this information will aid you in deciding what time and how much to pay out to your business suppliers.

Whether you are running a small or large business, you need a management account to define the business's financial status and help it grow effectively.


Finance is the pivot around which businesses are set up, run, and maintained. So keeping an eye on how this resource is allocated to different aspects of your business and the rate of turnover or losses is as important as having the funds themselves – an essential tool you need is a management account. Contact our team for more information.